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Welcome to the new Patient Reference Group web pages where we will be posting information about the Practice and how you can be involved.


The Patient Reference Group is made up of registered patients who want to be consulted about the care that they receive at the practice.


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News Update


We now have more than 130 members in our Patient Reference Group.  Thanks to everyone who has agreed to take part. More members are always welcome.  Thanks to those of you who responded to our initial questions.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is a Patient Reference Group?

All general practices are being encouraged to involve their patients more in thinking about future developments and improving services.  A Patient Reference Group is one way of doing this.   We periodically ask members for their views and opinions, either by email or by questionnaire survey.


Do I need an email address?

No. We realise that not everyone is keen on email.  However for those that do use email it provides a very efficient means of contacting lots of people in one go.


Who can join?

Anyone who is registered as a patient with either the Valley Surgery or Chilwell Meadows Surgery is eligible to join.  It doesn’t matter how often or infrequently you use our services.  We don’t mind how old people are, as long as they understand the questions that we are asking. If you are under 16 we would encourage you to let your parents know that you are taking part.


Will I have to do anything if I join?

No – although we hope that plenty of people will take part in the surveys and discussions that we have, there is no compulsion to do so.


The emails that I get are a bit impersonal.  Couldn’t the person sending them out give their real name?

We are hoping to appoint a Patient Reference Group Coordinator (with a name!) shortly but, until then, to avoid any confusion we are just signing the emails with a generic title, as several people are involved.


I’ve heard that the local group of GPs ‘Clinical Commissioning Group’ has a Patient Reference Group.  Is this the same thing?

No.  Each general practice in an area will have their own Patient Reference Group, and one member of each group represents the practice at the central meetings.  We have not yet appointed a representative.


I’m hoping that the Patient Reference Group will help me find out about how the new NHS changes will affect my Practice. Will it?

At the moment the main role of the group is to seek your views.  However we hope that it will also provide a forum for providing information in the future (alongside the periodic newsletters).


I want to make some specific comments about something that happened to me.  Can I do this through the Patient Reference Group?

No.  Please don’t use the Group email address for this purpose.  If you have a complaint, or want to offer a compliment, then please do this at reception, or by post.


Will there be any face-to-face meetings?

We have tried to organise face-to-face meetings in the past, but there is never an ideal time for a broad spectrum of people to come.  We hope to try again in the future – watch out for news.


To contact the Patient Reference Group email: